Wool Coat


This wool coat was born because I had free time in town and I decided to spend in a fabric store. One of my favourite fabric stores in Tallinn, Kangastuudio, had 40% off discount day and so I arrived home with two fabrics in my bag.


Usually I don’t gravitate towards this kind of fabric, I tend to like simple and “boring” fabrics. But this one felt so luxurious, heavy wool with a stretch, that I just couldn’t resist.

First I planned to sew a robe style coat that could be finished quickly. After some consideration and discussion with my mom, who is the best tailor I know, I decided to go for a more sophisticated yet very simple style. I wanted my coat to be without visual pockets, without collar and buttons. I also wished for a straight silhouette.


I combined two patterns. For the back and sleeves I chose the same pattern as for my summer jacket, Burda Style 3/2015. For the front I chose a pattern from Burda Style 12/2012, but didn’t do the waist seam.

Burda Style 3/2015 #105 Asymmetrical Jacket

Burda Style 3/2015 #105 Asymmetrical Jacket


Burda Sytle 12/2012 #104 Long Wool Coat

I was afraid that combining two different pattern is too risky, ┬ábut for my surprise I didn’t have to do any changes in the fitting.

For fastening I opted for snap fastening and for the right front I attached the snaps only to the facing. I topstitched the right front close to the snaps to secure it. I like this clean look without buttons!


The only downside of the fabric is that it is so easy to pull the yarns out – I mean the clasp of the handbag or engagement ring – everything gets stuck in the fabric and pulls out the yarn. This is annoying.

But the coat is very warm. For the back and sleeves I added a layer of cotton flannel to protect me from the wind. But it seems that the fabric itself is quite warm as well.


All in all I am pleased with my new coat. I really like the fabric and also because it is a bit out of my comfort zone.


  1. Jenny

    This is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Eveli (Post author)

      Thank you, Jenny!

  2. mokosha

    what a beautiful coat! the simple cut lets the fabric be the star here.. i’m also all about snap fastening in my outerwear lately

    1. Eveli (Post author)

      Thank you, Mokosha! The coat is really all about the fabric :)

  3. Clemence

    This is such a beautiful, stylish coat (it kind of has a chanel feel)! It looks absolutely amazing on you! I’m also super impressed that you combined two different patterns!

    1. Eveli (Post author)

      Oh, thank you Clemence! I love that you can feel Chanel here :) I just love Chanel!


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