Eveli sinise tassiga

I am Eveli, a mother of two living in Estonian countryside. Me and my family moved here after the children were born; before that we were urbanites. The relocation also brought about a change in my professional life – I exchanged my previous paid employment for more creative freelance job. I started with writing and selling knitting patterns. Then, for two years, I filled the DIY pages for the oldest Estonian woman’s magazine “Estonian Woman”.  Out of this grew my very own book „Käsitööpäevik“ („The Handicraft Diary“).

Alongside the knitting I am passionate about sewing. I have inherited this passion from my mother and grandmother. Knitting and sewing are like my children – it is impossible to choose between them. So I love them both equally. When I am not knitting or sewing, I am most often raising my children, coocking something delicious, reading or spending too much time online.



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  1. Patricia

    Hi Eveli, I’ve come across your blog and really loved it! I’ve been (slowly) learning how to sew, and have been crocheting for some time . I had to tell you that after seeing your BF cardigan, I’ve decided to take up knitting again(my Mom taught me a few years ago, but I ended up getting more into crochet). So now I’ve got a ball of yarn and needles 4 and I’ve been practising the stitch. It’s still not quite even, but I’ll get there, and pretty soon I’ll be able to start the BFC. Thanks for the inspiration, xx

    1. Eveli

      Hi, Patricia!
      Thank you so much for your kind words! And I am so happy that BFC has inspired you. This is just awesome! I hope that everything goes smoothly and that you will find knitting addictive :) Its one of the best drugs :)))


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